The Studio

Ambient Exposure Photography provides a very relaxed and happy atmosphere. I’m a very chatty and relaxed person who loves the unique dynamics every shoot offers.

The fact that the day is fun and without pressure really shows through in the portraits. For me, the experience is worth as much as the photos and I make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

To elaborate on this, here are some testimonials from people I have had the pleasure of working with:

“Michael Gibson is without a doubt one of the best photographers I’ve worked with to date. Not only was he extremely professional, but also welcoming and created a fun and relaxed environment to shoot in. The work he puts out speaks for itself, but it’s always good to know that you’re dealing with someone who genuinely cares for their models/clients and goes above and beyond to make them comfortable and happy! Would recommend his services to anyone and everyone, and will definitely be arranging future shoots with him myself.” – Natalie Psaila

“I have to say shooting with Michael was one of the most comfortable photo shoots I’ve ever had and I have been modelling for nearly 6 years now. He was kind and professional and not afraid to offer help if needed. We got along great and the results have been amazing. I would highly recommend Ambient Exposure Photography.” – Kat Short

Please contact me to make an appointment for a photo shoot at the studio.