About Michael

Michael Gibson Ambient Exposure Photography MelbourneI believe photography is so powerful. It’s incredible that an image can speak volumes without saying a word. The image doesn’t move but you can imagine so much about the person you see.

It all started 16 years back as a kid in school. I remember getting my first film camera and falling head over heels in love when I developed my first roll of film. When those first prints were made I was so connected to the work. It looked so deep, the eyes, the detail, everything. I really didn’t expect it to talk to me so much but it did.

Even before that I can remember as a kid I looked up to my Dad so much. I remember how he always had his camera and how my parents tried to show us the wonders of the world. Many a weekend, my parents would take my brother and I on long drives to enjoy our country’s beautiful sights. The lakes, the caves, the reserves, everything. I knew I never wanted to forget these moments. I loved this time with my amazing family. Whilst we focused on our surrounds, I remember being captivated by our connection as a family that resulted from our time together. These are the things I wanted to remember most in the future.

My love of portraits and the personalities behind them, along with my dream of sharing my creativity with people led me to photography. A truly amazing photo is one that brings people together and expresses ideas and dreams in an unparalleled way. I strive to create each photo with exactly that, a photo that engages us to the point of being unable to look away.

I love what I do and know I would be honoured to work together in making some amazing portraits. Please contact me if you need any portrait photography work done in Melbourne.